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Dream to Destiny

A Proven Guide to Navigating Life’s Biggest Tests and Unlocking Your God-Given Purpose

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Have you given up on your dreams? Have the realities of life gotten in the way of where you’re meant to be? You are not alone.

Many of us are distracted, discouraged, and disappointed—living humdrum lives and wading through seemingly constant troubles. Yet we still have dreams of a great future. So how do we move forward and turn our dreams into reality?

Drawing on the biblical story of Joseph, best-selling author and pastor Robert Morris shares exactly how to discover your purpose. Joseph had a God-given dream, but he didn’t reach his destiny overnight. He went from almost dying in a pit to serving in a palace to languishing in a prison to ultimately becoming the second most powerful man of his time and saving millions from starvation.

Joseph endured 13 years before realizing the future he dreamed about, and during this time God took him through 10 character-building tests that prepared him for his extraordinary destiny. Before you can start living in the reality of your extraordinary destiny, you must go through these same tests too.

This beloved book has already helped thousands of people on the journey to their destiny. In this newly revised and expanded edition, Robert Morris equips you to successfully:

  • Navigate 10 character-building tests.
  • Persevere through waiting and uncertainty.
  • Identify your gifts and talents.
  • Discover the purpose behind your dreams.
  • Fulfill your God-given destiny.

This is a must-read full of practical insight and hope. No matter where you are in life, you have a meaningful and bright future ahead—beyond what you could ever imagine!

Why settle for the dream when you can have your destiny? Preorder the newly revised and expanded edition of Pastor Robert’s Dream to Destiny book at