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We Want Your Kids to Have Fun and Learn About God
Whether you join us in person or online, Gateway Kids is a place where your children can have fun, grow, and discover just how much God loves them.

In-Person Children’s Ministry
Children’s ministry (birth through sixth grade) is available at our campuses during weekend services. Registration is required, so be sure to save your spot!

(Note: If registration is full or unavailable at one campus, be sure to check availability at other campuses.)

Check out our children’s ministry FAQ to see what we’re doing to ensure your kids have an amazing and safe time! We also created this fun video showing what to expect when you come.

Join Us Online
You can have a fun ministry experience with your kids at home! Enjoy watching creative videos designed for each age group (birth through sixth grade).


Babies: God’s Love

January 15, 2021

God loves us so much that He made us in an amazing way! We are all special to God, and He loves us with a big love!


Preschool: Build Each Other Up

January 15, 2021

Our words are powerful. Let’s learn how to use words that speak love to everyone!

Preschool: God’s Words for Me

January 8, 2021

The words we say are important. Let’s learn how to speak God’s loving words to ourselves every day!

Preschool: God’s Powerful Words

January 1, 2021

There is power in the words you say! Let’s learn what God has to say about our words.


K–4th Grade: Build Each Other Up

January 15, 2021

Our words are powerful, and we can speak words of life over everyone around us!

K–4th Grade: God’s Words for Me

January 8, 2021

Did you know that our words can affect us? We can speak words of life over ourselves every day!

K–4th Grade: We Worship (Our Heart)

January 1, 2021

Let’s learn how to worship Jesus with our hearts just like the Wise Men and angels did!


5th–6th Grade: Wait!

December 25, 2020

Before Jesus left the earth, He told His disciples to wait. Let’s find out what Jesus told them to wait for and what that means for us! If you missed last week’s video, it can be found on YouTube.

5th–6th Grade: Christmas Candlelight Service

December 18, 2020

Let’s celebrate Christmas together! Visit to watch our Christmas Candlelight Service with your family.

5th–6th Grade: Who Is the Holy Spirit?

December 11, 2020

This series is all about the Holy Spirit. Let’s learn more about who He is! The next video in this series will only air on YouTube so you can enjoy the Christmas Candlelight Service with your family.

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