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Living the Blessed Life

September 16, 2023

Pastor Robert’s life message is The Blessed Life. He teaches the principle that as sons and daughters, we don’t give to get, we get to give.

Becoming a Champion

August 19, 2023

Onyx struggled to believe she was called to something “great.” But her calling is one of the greatest in the kingdom—cheering on others as they pursue God’s calling on their lives.

The Joy of Serving

July 22, 2023

“What better way to have a heart for the next generation than by serving the next generation.”

Not Alone

June 3, 2023

Feeling lonely and outcast, Alyssa found herself losing all hope. But some encouraging words she received opened the door for her to embrace God’s love, find true community, and renew her hope for the future.

Kyndl Bickers sits in a chair holding her son, Wyatt.

Hope Restored

May 13, 2023

Kyndl Bickers expected to start a family with her husband early on in their marriage. But when faced with the unexpected, she learned to give her hopes to the Lord and trust in His plan for her future.

Ervin Lee stands outside, smiling

True Life

April 7, 2023

When Ervin Lee got everything he thought he wanted in life but still felt empty, he turned to alcohol. But in the midst of his hopelessness, he discovered God’s true plan and purpose for his life.

Extend the Invitation

March 24, 2023
By Cassie Cooper

Easter at Gateway Church is right around the corner, and it’s the perfect opportunity to invite family and friends to attend church with you!

Embracing Freedom

March 18, 2023

Durrell Glick and his family silently experienced grief for four decades. The death of his brother, Darren, was never spoken of—not until Men’s Summit 2022.

Fully Loved, Fully Healed

March 3, 2023

“There was no big crescendo in my healing story. In one simple moment of worship in the back of the room at a conference, God healed me. I didn’t do anything to receive the healing.”

Celebrating 2022

Celebrating 2022

March 3, 2023

As our church looks ahead to all God is going to do, we’re praising Him for everything He’s already done! In 2022, we celebrated the start of new relationships with Christ and saw lives forever changed by His amazing love.

God is Bigger

February 11, 2023

Chris and Katy understand what it feels like to wonder if your marriage is beyond repair. But by God’s grace, their story isn’t finished yet! And they continue to believe that God will always be bigger than any brokenness.

Todd Offen and his son pose for a picture while serving in the parking lot on the Build Team.

A Heart to Build the Kingdom

February 6, 2023

Todd Offen has been involved in Gateway Men’s Ministry since he and his family started attending the church in 2016. We asked Todd to share why serving on the Build Team is important to him and how it’s impacted his life.

Beyond the Big Game: Tips on Talking to Friends About Jesus

February 3, 2023
By Katherine Tharmarajah

Before you start marinating those chicken wings and prepping that queso dip, here’s something for you to simmer on. The Big Game is a great opportunity to connect with friends who may not have a church home and talk about your faith in Jesus.

Josue and Cynthia Summers stand in their kitchen holding food while talking to group members

Created for Community

January 24, 2023

Cynthia and Josue Summers launched their group to help people grow in their creativity while in community. Along the way, they’ve seen God move in amazing ways as group members have pursued their callings.

Austin and Hannah Benjamin and their five children stand in a field laughing together

Fostering Hope

November 26, 2022

When God spoke to Austin and Hannah Benjamin about fostering a child, they had no idea how their obedience would change their lives. On their journey they grew in their faith and trust in God and His goodness.

Heart for the Kingdom Update

November 5, 2022

This has been a full year for the Gateway family but reaching people for God’s kingdom has stayed at the forefront of our minds.

Full Circle

November 2, 2022
By Katie Smith

As Gabrielle Nord carefully filled a shoebox with gifts, tears filled her eyes. She had come full circle. She closed the shoebox and wondered who would be on the receiving end of it and remembered how, years ago, she was.

An Interview with Prime Minister Netanyahu

October 22, 2022

Pastor Robert recently had the honor of interviewing former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu about his service to God’s people and his new autobiography, Bibi: My Story.

Tagi and Kirsten Takape sit on a porch together reading their Bibles.

A Lesson in Marriage

October 11, 2022

Tagi and Kirsten Takape’s biggest fight started over a cantaloupe. That situation became a lesson in the importance of keeping God at the center of their marriage and listening to the Holy Spirit.

Signed with Love

October 8, 2022

We are so excited to celebrate what God is doing in the ASL community at Gateway! Learn more and get involved at

David and Ashley Thompson holding their son, Ezra

Waiting for Ezra

October 2, 2022

After four years of tests, treatments, and research, Ashley and David Thompson's doctors told them they had “unexplained infertility.” It was then they decided to pause and pray, and that season led to a beautiful blessing.

Living a Legacy

June 21, 2022

Shon Flowers has served the students in Frisco for over 15 years—before Gateway Church was even there! He’s been part of changing countless lives—including that of his son—but he would say his life has been changed, too.

Angel Rodriguez bows his head in prayer during a gathering at the Grand Prairie Campus.

The Whisper of the Holy Spirit

June 13, 2022

Angel Rodriguez is a 12-year-old with a heart to serve and a passion for prayer. His testimony is an awesome example of what the Holy Spirit can do in our lives when we listen to His voice and trust Him.

A worship artist sits in a chair while reflecting on a Gateway Worship Español album

The Sound of Joy

May 21, 2022

In this behind-the-scenes video, you’ll witness anointed songwriters collaborating on Gateway Worship Español’s first album with original songs in Spanish, Grande y Fiel!