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Gateway Equip helps you get in community, learn about God, and have fun! Through an Equip class, you can experience engaging teaching and thought-provoking discussion to help you grow spiritually. We have a variety of class options, so there is a place for everyone to connect, feel comfortable, and grow together or on their own.

In-Person Classes
We invite you to join us for in-person Equip classes at our campuses! These are intentional and safe spaces to connect face-to-face with others from your campus.

Zoom Classes
You can also connect in an Equip class over Zoom! Equip Zoom classes give you the opportunity to connect online and grow with others across the church from the comfort of your own home.

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Equip Library
Gateway’s Equip Library is a place for you to deepen your relationship with God and continue your discipleship journey online and at your own pace. Search through the class list and find opportunities to learn biblical truths through insightful videos, Scripture readings, and interactive questions.

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