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Robert Morris

Senior Pastor

Robert Morris is the senior pastor of Gateway Church, a multicampus church based in Dallas/Fort Worth. Since it began in 2000, the church has grown to more than 100,000 active attendees.

His television program airs in over 190 countries, and his radio program, Worship & the Word with Pastor Robert, airs in more than 1,800 radio markets across America. (For more information, visit or follow @PsRobertTV on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.)

He also serves as the chancellor of The King’s University and is the bestselling author of numerous books, including The Blessed Life, Frequency, Beyond Blessed, and Take the Day Off.

Robert and Debbie have been married 40 years and are blessed with one married daughter, two married sons, and nine grandchildren. You can connect with him on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter @PsRobertMorris.

Latest Sermons


April 2, 2021

Pastor Robert kicks off a new series, Passover to Pentecost, with an Easter message about the life-changing significance of Passover in our lives today.