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November 9, 2018

“I’m an artist and I’ve been drawing and painting since I was in tenth grade, but I didn’t realize until later that my drawings are more than just art. My dreams inspire my art—I’ll often see still images and when I wake up, I try to draw or paint them. Sometimes I’ll even see visions when I’m going about my day. I used to think of it as junk art because for a long time I didn’t have money for a real sketchpad from the art store, so I would just draw on anything—like the backs of flyers I’d find on my door or the inside of frozen pizza boxes. Then one day, I realized there’s something special about my art. In January I had a dream about a helicopter. In one image, I saw a close-up of the helicopter’s engine control module socket, but in another image, I saw the entire helicopter. I didn’t understand the meaning of those images until a few months later when Pastor Robert returned to share his first message after he was flown to the hospital in April. He said, ‘You need blood to live,’ and right then I realized that’s what the dream was all about. In my dream, the helicopter was trying to take off without the control module and someone was running behind the helicopter with it in his hand because you can’t fly without it. God showed me the module stood for blood—you can’t live without it. I believe God was reminding me that we can’t live without Jesus’ blood. I don’t always understand my visions, but I love it when they inspire art that means something to me and to others.” Wayne attends the North Fort Worth Campus.