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May 8, 2019

“When I was nine years old, I was in a really bad accident. One Sunday afternoon after church, I was with some friends and had a wreck on an ATV. Two doctors told my family that I would never walk again. They originally wanted to amputate my right leg at my waist, and my left leg was broken so severely, they thought I would never use it again. They let me keep my right leg, and miraculously, after about a year of physical therapy, I was able to walk on my own, although my leg is visibly damaged. That year, after my incredible healing, my family quit believing that God could do anything and started knowing that God could do anything. Years later, my family was doing mission work on an Indian reservation in New Mexico, and while traveling, I became ill and started vomiting blood. We stopped at an emergency room and found out that my blood sugar spiked to 972. The average person’s blood sugar levels should be under 200. It took them over three hours to insert an IV in me. They tried putting it through my neck and straight to my heart, but my heart wasn’t able to support it. They finally stitched one into my arm, and after many tests, they diagnosed me with diabetes. They weren’t sure I would last the night, and yet the Lord brought me through it. But the greatest miracle of my life was actually a year later. I grew up in church but hadn’t truly given over my heart and will to God. When I gave the Lord all of my heart that year, He saved my soul for eternity. God healed my physical body twice, but more importantly, He healed my heart. Now I work in a place where I wear shorts a lot. People ask me what happened to my leg, and I use it as an opportunity to share how God saved my life not once or twice but three times.”

–Michael Ozment