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May 9, 2019

“At a very young age, I often felt alone even though I had family and friends who loved me. I was frustrated, and I struggled with anger. It led me to the point of depression by age 14. I was looking desperately for something to help me and after a few visits to a church, I heard about Jesus’ love for me on a deeper level than I’d ever heard before. Hearing that He loves you no matter who you are, where you’ve come from, or how you’ve acted was exactly what I needed at that time in my life. Learning about Him led me to Gateway—Gateway Students, Gateway Students Winter Camp, and Gateway Students Conference. The conference was really where my love for Jesus exploded—I was drawn to read my Bible every day and learn more about Him. I began a Bible study at school creating lessons every week and sharing that knowledge with my friends. Then I learned not only can Jesus help me with my loneliness but also in my everyday life tasks. I can certainly say I wake up each day knowing I’m loved by God and starting with that makes it easier for me to connect with students at Gateway or at school. God’s love for you just enhances your love for others, and I think it’s definitely shown at Gateway. Pastor Kyle Fox is a great leader who wants you to feel loved, and he’s definitely accomplished that mission at the NRH Campus. Right now I’m doing my Bible study, leading an Instagram Scripture page, and getting ready to start my college studies to become a counselor. I eventually want to become a lead pastor. My Instagram and Bible study are called Levels Ministries, which is what I’d like to call my future church because when you are walking with Jesus, there’s always another level to go to.” Logan attends the NRH Campus.