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March 6, 2024

Easter at Gateway Church is right around the corner, and it’s the perfect opportunity to invite family and friends to attend church with you! But sometimes, we hesitate to extend the invitation. Of course, none of us wake up in the morning thinking to ourselves, I don’t want my loved one to come to church and encounter the life-changing presence of Jesus. But for some reason, our hands get clammy and our stomachs flutter at the thought of calling someone to invite them to church.

Sometimes the unknowns of what to say or how they’ll respond keep us from reaching out. While we can never guarantee how your loved ones will respond, we’ve tried to eliminate your first obstacle by creating a list of suggestions, so you can feel more confident when you invite them to attend with you this Easter!

First, Pray
Whether or not you already have someone on your mind to invite to Easter, pray and ask the Holy Spirit to highlight who He wants you to ask. As He brings names and faces to mind, ask Him to orchestrate opportunities to invite them. He wants them to have a personal encounter with the love of Jesus, so believe He will prepare the way for them to get there! You can find all the details about Easter at Gateway, including service times and locations, on our Easter page.

Extend the In-Person Invitation
This is one of the most casual, personal forms of inviting a loved one to church! Next time you’re with someone you’d like to invite to Easter service, simply ask them if they have plans March 29 through 31 and if they’d like to come to church with you. You can make plans to go to lunch or dinner after the service to connect with them relationally and talk about the service!

Call Them Up
If you’re not going to see the individual before Easter, grab your phone and give them a call! Let them know they were on your mind, and you wanted to know if they’d like to go to church with you on Easter. Give them the details about the day and time you’re attending service and ask if they want to grab a meal with you afterward to catch up.

Send a Text
Maybe your friend prefers texts over phone calls; you can send them a short and sweet message asking them to attend service with you! Here’s a suggestion:

Hey [friend]! You were on my mind today, and I wanted to ask if you had plans on [day of the service]. I’m going to Gateway’s Easter service at [time], and I’d love it if you’d come with me! Maybe we could grab [lunch or dinner] afterward? Let me know!

Slide into Their DMs
We’re sharing all the information about Easter services on our social media accounts! Follow @GatewayPeople on Instagram and like Gateway Church’s page on Facebook. When you see us post about the upcoming Easter services, share it with a friend. Accompany the message with something like:

Hey [friend]! My church is having special services for Easter, and I thought of you! Would you want to come with me on [day] at [time]?

Trust God with the Outcome
All the Lord is asking you to do this Easter is to be obedient with who He puts on your heart to invite to Easter service. The rest is up to Him! Prayerfully consider who you should ask, extend the invitation, be willing to engage in conversation about the message over a meal, and pray for the seed planted in their hearts. You can also ask them if they’d like to come to church with you again—sometimes all someone needs are a familiar face and a place to sit to help them feel more comfortable coming to church. We’re filled with anticipation for all God wants to do in and through Gateway this Easter, and your simple invitation could bring lasting change to the life of your loved one!