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August 3, 2018

“After high school, I was in a constant state of rebellion. I always wanted to go against what people told me to do. I became addicted to a lot of different things and began dating someone. We struggled in our addictions together, and then after dating for nine months, I found out I was pregnant. I stopped using substances, so I could have a healthy pregnancy and baby, but my plan after I had the baby was to go back to that lifestyle. I liked it. I couldn’t wait to be back with my friends and have fun. My whole pregnancy was stressful, and I had a hard time just keeping it together. I found myself going to God in a very raw way looking for answers. Once I hit my third trimester, I stopped working and was just waiting for my son to be born. I had all this free time so I started reading a Bible and going to Embrace Grace, a Bible study for girls with unexpected pregnancies. I went because it was something to do, and it kept me distracted, but I started learning about God, and one day it clicked. I thought, This is true. God really does love me. I started listening to Pastor Robert’s messages and having daily quiet time and actually hearing from God. One day, I realized the desire to go back to my rebellious life was gone. Everything I wanted for my life changed. I got in my car, turned some music on, and immediately the music felt wrong because I wasn’t wanting that life anymore. After that, people around me noticed I was different, and the Lord gave me supernatural peace when I had my son, Jonah. I’m so grateful. Jesus changed the desires of my heart, and if that hadn’t happened, I don’t know where I would be now.”