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March 14, 2022

“My life has been a series of miracles and answered prayers that I’m so grateful for, and one of those miracles took place in 2017. I had been working with a construction company for about 25 years, and I was struggling with having to travel a lot and miss out on time with my family. During that time, my wife and I attended a service at the NRH Campus, and I prayed, ‘Lord, why can’t I just build buildings for Gateway?’ Little did I know how God was going to answer that prayer.

“About three months later, the owner of the construction company I was with decided to close the doors. I remember telling the Lord, ‘This is not what I prayed for.’ But the whole time I felt Him asking me, ‘Where’s your faith?’

“When I first started in the construction industry, I prayed, ‘Lord, if this is what You have for me, I know You’ll meet our needs.’ There were times my wife and I struggled financially, but God was there every step of the way. So when I lost my job, I had to remind myself to keep praying and trusting God. My wife also encouraged me to hold on to faith.

“About four months later, a Christian construction company reached out to me about a job opportunity. I interviewed with them and before I got off the phone, the interviewer said the words, ‘You’re hired.’ Not long after I started, the company was contracted to do work on Gateway’s building projects, and I was assigned as the project superintendent for the Frisco Campus job.

“At the Frisco Campus groundbreaking ceremony in March 2021, I couldn’t stop smiling as I thought about the way God had answered my prayer. Working with the Christian construction company has been nothing but great—not just for me but also for my family life. If you’re struggling with waiting on the Lord, just have faith—He’ll prove Himself to you.

“God gives us all talents, and He gave me the talent to build. Knowing I’m using the talent He’s given me puts a smile on my face every day when I go to work. I feel like I’m part of something bigger. It’s not just a building; it’s a place where a multitude of souls are going to be saved.”

Scott couldn’t always see the resolution to his prayer and there were times when it seemed like the Lord was taking him in the opposite direction. But the Lord is faithful, and He chose to answer Scott’s prayer in a very specific way: he gets to work for a company that builds Gateway campuses, and in the process, the Lord continues to build his faith. Our Heart for the Kingdom giving secures the work Scott’s company is doing at the Frisco Campus and helps build the kingdom in tangible and practical ways.

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