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February 19, 2018

“Back in 2016, I joined a Series Group when we were studying The God I Never Knew. We owned a restaurant, and my husband was asked to cook for a Super Bowl charity event in San Francisco. I asked our group to pray for us because my son and I hoped to attend with him. To raise money for our tickets, we stayed open extra hours but a broken oven and additional payroll costs kept us short on funds. The night before the trip, I was feeling defeated, and my husband asked if I would pack for him. I didn’t move a muscle; I was mad at the world. At that moment, God brought the Scripture of the ten virgins from Matthew 25 to my mind and how five of them were not ready when the Master came to town. Reading this passage lit a fire in me. It was confirmation that God would provide, and my job was not to just have faith God would do a miracle but to be ready for it. So I packed clothes for all three of us. Two hours later, Robert and Jeanniene Lee Maki, our Series Group leaders and the only people who knew about our ticket dilemma, told us they wanted to cover our tickets! We left for San Francisco the next day, and the event was heavenly. On our way home, money was tight, so we didn’t get lunch. When we arrived at our gate, there was a free buffet waiting for us! God covered our entire family and blessed us beyond measure.”