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November 12, 2018

“We call ourselves the ‘Gateway Girls.’ Our group is mostly single or divorced ladies, except for me and a couple others. We meet upstairs at Whole Foods on the first and third Sundays of the month. Most of us take the stairs, even though they are formidable (there are a lot of them!), but some of our ladies are handicapped or have physical challenges. Well, this particular day last spring, the elevator was broken. A bunch of us were already up there waiting for the other ladies. They were late because of the broken elevator, but we didn’t know that. Apparently, one of the ladies with a walker was about to go home when one of our other gals saw her. This gal refused to let the woman with the walker leave because of the elevator issue, so she, another lady who arrived shortly after, and someone at Whole Foods had the woman sit in her walker and carried her up the stairs. That would’ve been difficult for men!  But two of our ladies convinced a Whole Foods worker to help, and the three of them did it because they didn’t want their friend to miss group. When they came upstairs, we were all shocked! It was such a testament to our commitment to one another, to the love we have for one another, and our desire to go the extra mile with one another spiritually, emotionally, and physically. These are the kind of women God adores, and I’m thrilled to live life with them.”