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February 22, 2022

Christ Jesus—the man—understands what you are going through today!

If you messed up this week, run to Him! Don’t be afraid to go to Him—He is the only one who gets you and understands what you are going through. He came to the earth and endured all things, including His temptations and His suffering, because He is madly in love with you.

When you have been through many difficult relationships, He finds you at the well. You may be laying low out of shame, but He tells you that even though the love you have experienced in your life has failed you over and over, He loves you unconditionally.

When you have fallen sexually and the world throws you to the ground in judgment, He dispenses with all your accusers and writes you a love note in the sand.

When you are hurting physically, your health is weak, and you make your way through the crowds to barely touch the hem of His garment, He notices you, He sees you, and He heals you.

When you have a disability or a physical limitation, He finds you on the outskirts of the city and tells you He came here for you. He helps you see what He sees.

When you feel too small and you’re hated by those around you and you climb the limbs of the tree of life to find Him, He sees you there; He calls you out by your name, and He says, “I am coming to your house today.”

When we suffer, He sees us. When life is so painful that you feel bound by chains and destined to grieve, He frees you. When everyone who passes by avoids your pain and looks down on the torment you feel, He meets you.

When self-harm feels right to you because you hate who you’ve become and when you have no community because you are an outcast, He takes away the spirits that torment you; He shows you they belong in pigs, not in you, and He casts them into the sea.

When death comes to someone you love, He cries with you and reminds you that eternal life is found in Him.

When you seem calm on the outside, so no one notices what’s really going on, but on the inside you’re rocked by the storms and churning like the sea, He brings calm with just a word.

When you don’t have enough food to feed your family, He sees your need and multiplies it in your own hands.

When you doubt Him, He shows up in your discouragement and shows you the nail marks in His hands and restores your faith.

And even when you hurt Him and He suffers on your behalf, He still cries out, “Father, forgive him, forgive her, for they know not what they do!”

He is for you! His love for you never fails, never fades, and is never held from you no matter what you have done or how much you have suffered.

He is for you!