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James Morris

Associate Senior Pastor

James Morris is the associate senior pastor of Gateway Church and leads the staff and congregation alongside his father, Pastor Robert Morris.

When Gateway began in 2000, James served as the first janitor and maintenance worker until he left to study business at Baylor University. From there he went into business until 2012 when he felt the Lord leading him to return to ministry. James began serving in Gateway’s stewardship department. Throughout the years his responsibilities grew within the church, and he eventually became an executive pastor, overseeing all Gateway ministries and campuses.

In February 2022, Pastor Robert nominated James to the elders to be his successor and the next senior pastor of Gateway Church. James went through a rigorous, six-month interview process with the elders and three outside consultants which included 39 in-depth interviews as well as a variety of personality, intelligence, and leadership tests.

After an eight-month vetting process and seeking the Lord for confirmation, every elder received a word from God affirming James as the next senior pastor. In September 2022, the elders unanimously voted for James to serve as Gateway’s senior pastor beginning in the spring of 2025. Pastor Robert will remain a primary speaker on the weekends, even after the transition.

James is a visionary leader who brings innovation, organization, and godly insight and wisdom to every area he oversees. He is excited about leading Gateway into its next season.

James has been married to Bridgette since 2009, and they have three amazing kids: Parker, Mitchell, and Brae. Both James and Bridgette are pursuing master’s degrees in practical theology from The King’s University and love having the opportunity to serve together in the house of the Lord.

You can connect with him on Instagram at @PsJamesMorris.