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The Deception of Pride

March 23, 2019

Pastor Robert continues The Kings of Babylon series with a message about the deception of King Darius and the dangers of pride in our lives.

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Tipping Point

Tipping Point 2020

A Gateway series

In his four-week series, Tipping Point, Pastor Jimmy Evans takes a close look at biblical prophecies connected to the end times to help us understand what’s ahead and build our faith and hope in Jesus.

Punto Crítico

A Gateway series

¿Cómo podemos entender los eventos que están sacudiendo y cambiando nuestro mundo? La buena noticia es que la Biblia proporciona un mapa que nos empodera para vivir en paz y sin temor.

Tu B’Av

August 7, 2020
Greg Stone

Come learn as Pastor Greg Stone teaches us about Tu B’Av, the Jewish holiday of love.