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Take the Day Off

October 26, 2019
Robert Morris

We make room for a lot in our schedules, but rest is often the last thing on the list. This constant stream of busyness drains us physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Yet we often forget that taking a day of rest is one of the Ten Commandments! God wants us to rest and be refreshed so we can make wise decisions and do what He’s calling us to do in all areas of life.

In this message, Pastor Robert shares why Sabbath rest is vital to your well-being and how to make it a priority in your life. You’ll walk away with practical tips and a greater understanding of the ways God blesses us, and those around us, when we rest.

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Kids Experience

Kids Experience

A Gateway series

Hey parents, while weekend services are online only, we don’t want your children to miss out on Gateway Kids! You can have a fun ministry experience right from your home! Choose from our videos created weekly for each age group, birth through sixth grade.