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Global Impact Weekend

September 26, 2020

Join us as we celebrate how God is moving around the world! You’ll enjoy worship sung in a variety of languages and hear how our Apostolic Ministries are building God’s kingdom locally, nationally, and internationally.

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Other Recent Sermons

Perfecto o Perfeccionado

A Gateway Series

En su nueva serie Perfecto o Perfeccionado, el pastor Robert Morris retará nuestra perspectiva sobre la perfección y va a compartir por qué escuchar, creer y obedecer a Dios son las verdaderas claves para la paz, el gozo y la madurez.

Perfect or Perfected

A Gateway Series

In his new series, Perfect or Perfected, Pastor Robert Morris will challenge our perspectives on perfection and share why hearing, believing, and obeying God are the true keys to peace, joy, and growth.

Kids Experience

Kids Experience

A Gateway Series

Hey parents, your children don't have to miss out on Gateway Kids while children's ministry is online only. You can have a fun ministry experience right from your home! Choose from our videos created weekly for each age group, birth through sixth grade.