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Yeshua in the Hebrew Scriptures & Feasts

A Gateway Series
Jewish Ministries presents the series, Yeshua in the Hebrew Scriptures. Learn from Pastors Wayne Wilks Jr. and Greg Stone about how the mysteriously divine figure, the Angel of the Lord, mentioned throughout the Hebrew Bible is Jesus.

Jacob and Yeshua

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June 5, 2015
Join us as Pastor Greg Stone explores Yeshua and Jacob.

Abraham and Yeshua

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July 11, 2015
Join us as Pastor Wayne Wilks explores Yeshua and Abraham.

Moses and Yeshua

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November 7, 2015
Join us as Pastor Wayne Wilks explores Moses and Yeshua.

Joshua and Yeshua

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February 6, 2016
Pastor Greg Stone on Yeshua and Joshua.

Yeshua and the Judges

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July 9, 2016
Pastor Wayne Wilks on Yeshua and the Judges.

Isaiah and Yeshua

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November 4, 2017
What an honor to welcome Dr. David Rudolph for our November Messianic Service as he takes us deeper into our series of Yeshua in the Hebrew Scriptures. Learn about Isaiah’s heavenly encounter with the L-rd, the King of the universe, described in Isaiah 6...

Shabbat Service: Feast of Unleavened Bread

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April 7, 2018
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