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The Wilderness

A Gateway Series

The wilderness … a place of barrenness and desolation … a place where we all find ourselves from time to time, although we tend to avoid it at all cost.

But what if that’s the very place where God wants you? What if that’s where God wants to speak to you … in the silence … in the stillness … away from any and all distractions?

So will you go? Will you run … to the wilderness?

A Gentle Whisper

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John Spurling
June 11, 2011
Pastor John Spurling kicks off The Wilderness series by showing how to turn to and hear from God when life moves in an unexpected, frustrating direction.

A Divine Plan

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John Spurling
June 18, 2011
Pastor John Spurling continues The Wilderness series. When your plans don’t work out, God wants to use your disappointment as an opportunity to transform you according to His divine plan.

Why the Wilderness?

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July 2, 2011
Pastor Preston Morrison begins his half of The Wilderness series with an eye-opening message about the three main purposes of the wildernesses we encounter.

You’re Not Stuck, You Just Stopped

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Preston Morrison
July 9, 2011
Pastor Preston Morrison finishes The Wilderness series with a word of encouragement. The wilderness is not permanent and you’re not stuck. Learn how to leave the wilderness.