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The Supporting Cast

A Gateway Series

As Christians, sharing our faith can often be difficult. We’re taking a risk when we plant a seed in someone’s life, witness to a stranger, or share our testimony, but God has called us to do just that. In this series, Pastor Robert shows us how famous “farmers,” witnesses, and testimonies have changed people’s lives and how we can be empowered to do the same.

Famous Farmers

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July 27, 2013
Pastor Robert Morris begins The Supporting Cast series with a message about famous “farmers” and what we can learn from them about sowing and reaping.

Famous Witnesses

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Robert Morris
August 3, 2013
Pastor Robert Morris continues The Supporting Cast series with a message about some famous witnesses in the Bible.

Famous Testimony

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Robert Morris
August 10, 2013
Pastor Robert Morris concludes The Supporting Cast series by sharing a famous testimony found in John 9. Through this story, we can learn how to better share our own testimonies.