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The Principles of First Mention

A Gateway Series

You always remember your firsts. The first time you rode a bike. Your first date. Your first kiss. Your first job. Your first house. Your baby’s first word. The reason we remember our firsts is because they’re significant. They’re the beginning of what is to come, and each one has the potential to develop and grow into something more.

In this new series, Pastor Robert shares that it’s the same way with firsts in the Bible. The first time an important word or phrase is mentioned in Scripture is important because that first mention often establishes a precedent, pattern, or biblical concept that can be seen throughout the rest of the Bible. As Pastor Robert unpacks the principles of first mention, God’s Word will come alive with new hues and understanding.

In addition to this series, you can find daily encouragement in our devotional, Devotions Inspired by the Principles of First Mention. Follow along with your free digital copy on YouVersion or on


The Beginning of Death

1 of 3
January 9, 2021

Pastor Robert helps us understand the origins of death and shares why we don’t have to live in fear of it when we accept the free gift of God’s grace.

The Beginning of Atonement

2 of 3
January 16, 2021

Pastor Robert shares the solution God came up with from the beginning to free us from walking in guilt and shame.

The Beginning of Covenant

3 of 3
January 23, 2021

Pastor Robert shares the covenants God created and the ultimate promise He made that empowers us to walk in victory.