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The Blessed Life

A Gateway Series

God wants you to live a life that is truly blessed, but what are the steps to getting there? Based on his best-selling book, Pastor Robert’s series, The Blessed Life, explores how living a generous life changes every area of your life. You’ll learn about the biblical principles of giving, the obstacles that prevent generosity, and how God blesses you and the world around you when you live generously.

It's All About the Heart

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Robert Morris
February 29, 2020

Pastor Robert shares a message titled “It’s All About the Heart,” where he talks about why it’s so important to develop a generous and grateful heart.

What Test?

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March 7, 2020

Pastor Robert shares a message titled “What Test?” where he defines what tithing is and explains how it’s really a test of our hearts.

The Principle of First

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Robert Morris
March 14, 2020

Pastor Robert defines what our firstfruits are and how God should be first in every area of our lives.