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Sons Not Servants

A Gateway Series

One of the most powerful parables Jesus told is about the prodigal son in Luke 15. There’s so much we can learn from this parable, and in this new three-week series, Pastor Robert shares how we are not slaves or servants of God—we are children. He explains how, as sons and daughters, we’ve each been given a robe of righteousness, a ring of authority, and shoes of sonship. This series will open up your eyes to the glorious truth of our relationship with the Father!


The Robe of Righteousness

1 of 3
January 11, 2020

In his new series, Sons Not Servants, Pastor Robert shares a message titled “The Robe of Righteousness,” where he talks about what it means to live righteously as God's children.

The Ring of Authority

2 of 3
January 18, 2020

Pastor Robert shares a message about how, as sons and daughters, God has given us all authority over the enemy’s schemes.

The Shoes of Sonship

3 of 3
January 25, 2020

Pastor Robert shares a message titled “The Shoes of Sonship,” where he talks about why it’s by grace, not works, that we are sons and daughters of God.

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