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Room 12 (2006)

A Gateway Series

Room 12. It's not a place. It's an experience! In 1981, Robert Morris checked into room 12 at Jake's Motel and had an encounter with God that changed his life forever. He realized that even though he had been in ministry for the past three years, he wasn't saved and he deserved to go to hell. While in that room, Robert asked Jesus to come into his life, and he made a decision to stop living for himself and to surrender his life to God. Through stories and messages from Pastor Robert Morris, Dr. Michael Brown and others just like you, the Room 12 series will open your eyes in a fresh way as to how much God loves you and what it really means to be born again.

Jake's Motel

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Robert Morris
July 29, 2006

From LSD to PHD

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Dr. Michael Brown
August 5, 2006

Hell: Fiction or Fact

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August 12, 2006

True Salvation

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Robert Morris
August 19, 2006