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Promised Land

A Gateway Series

The story of Moses leading the Israelites out of Egypt is one of the most well-known stories in the Bible. From the time Moses was born to the time he glimpsed the Promised Land, God was guiding every step of his journey. Join us for a new series from Pastor Josh Morris that will look at how Moses’s struggles and victories mirror our own journeys of faith.


The Curse

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March 6, 2021

Pastor Josh Morris shares the costs that come from relying on ourselves and the life that comes from relying on God.

The Salvation

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March 13, 2021

Pastor Josh Morris shares that Jesus is our Tree of Life—the One who brings salvation.

The Baptism

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March 20, 2021

Pastor Josh Morris shares how God’s grace washes away the dead things in our lives so we can freely live.

The Spirit

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March 27, 2021

Pastor Josh Morris concludes his Promised Land series by sharing how the law of the Spirit gives life and sets us free from the law of sin and death.