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One Prayer

First Conference 2019

A Gateway Series

As a Gateway family, we dedicate the first of each year to the Lord with this annual churchwide conference.

The Power of Prayer

A Gateway Series

We know we’re supposed to pray … but why? Do our prayers really make a difference? And is there a “right” way to pray? Although prayer feels abstract and complex, it’s actually quite simple—we have direct access to God!

The Lord's Prayer

A Gateway Series

The Lord’s Prayer is so well-known and widely quoted, many people think of it as just an old prayer from the past. But this prayer isn’t just a great saying from the past … it’s a powerful truth that should define how we live and pray in the present.

Drawing Closer:  Secrets of Prayer

Drawing Closer: Secrets of Prayer

A Gateway Series

If you think prayer isn't all that exciting, this dynamic series will help you discover just how powerful and life-changing prayer can be! Join Pastor Robert Morris as he unlocks the secrets of prayer and reveals how prayer draws you closer to God. Learn...


A Gateway Series