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Oh, the Humanity!

A Gateway Series

We interact with people constantly—our families, friends, coworkers, and social media networks, not to mention people we encounter in restaurants, in stores, and on our daily commutes. But sin and brokenness in the world often leave us struggling to come to terms with humanity—our own and one another’s. In his new series, Oh, the Humanity!, Pastor Josh Morris invites us to take a deep look at the humanity of Jesus and see that how He lived shows each of us—as image bearers of God—how we should live and relate to those around us. 


The Humanity of Jesus

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Josh Morris
January 29, 2022

Pastor Josh Morris begins his series Oh, the Humanity! by reminding us that Jesus is the one to whom we should run; because of His humanity, Jesus understands our pain and suffering and shows us how to be a true reflection of God.

Humanity of Community

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February 5, 2022

Pastor Josh Morris continues his series Oh, the Humanity! by reminding us that we were created to exist in beautiful, messy community, and when we experience the messiness, we can follow Jesus’ example of love, truth, grace, and forgiveness.

Humanity of Marriage

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Josh Morris
February 12, 2022

Pastor Josh Morris continues his series Oh, the Humanity! by sharing how marriage is a beautiful reflection of Christ’s love for us. In our relationships with each other and in our relationships with Christ, it’s about connection, intimacy, and commitment.

Humanity of Church

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Josh Morris
February 19, 2022

Pastor Josh Morris concludes his series, Oh, the Humanity!, by reminding us we are called to be the Church—a family of diverse people united in spirit and worshipping God together in one voice and of one accord.