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Love Expressed

A Gateway Series

It’s commonly known that worship is an integral part of the Christian life. But what exactly is worship? Some define it as a song; others describe it as a lifestyle. But the simplest and most accurate definition is “love expressed.” In this four-part series, Pastor Robert guides us through what worship is, how we live it out and why worshipping can completely change everything!

What is Church?

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Robert Morris
January 12, 2013
Pastor Robert gives a message regarding what the Bible says about church. He shows how we connect in church, have conversations with God while there and how the Lord intends for us to do so with commitment.

Satan's Greatest Desire

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January 19, 2013
Pastor Robert speaks about how Satan’s selfish desires caused him to be cast from heaven, and how we can learn from his mistake to keep our worship focus on God.

God's Greatest Desire

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Robert Morris
January 26, 2013
Pastor Robert shares a message about how God made us and His purpose for us. This message will transform your understanding of your life’s meaning and purpose.

Giving Thanks

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Robert Morris
February 2, 2013
Pastor Robert shares how we give true thanks to God and some of the blessings that follow when we do so.