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In Jesus' Name

A Gateway Series

Through this series, Pastor Robert and Dr. Sameh Maurice dive deep into the subject of prayer. You’ll discover how powerful prayer is, why we often don’t pray, what intercession really is, and why prayer is something we can’t live without.

To Pray Or Not To Pray

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January 7, 2012
Pastor Robert begins a new series on prayer. God is sovereign and He does not change. The Enemy often twists these characteristics of God into reasons not to pray, when they are the two most powerful reasons to pray.

The Power of Prayer

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Sameh Maurice
January 14, 2012
Special guest Pastor Sameh Maurice continues the series, In Jesus’ Name. You must fight the battles in your life with the power of prayer. Prayer determines victory.

The Joy of Intercession

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Robert Morris
January 21, 2012
What does it mean to be an intercessor? Pastor Robert shows that intercession means bringing two sides together. When we pray prayers of intercession, we help bring God’s will to earth.

Why Keep Praying

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Robert Morris
January 28, 2012

Pastor Robert brings the series, In Jesus’ Name, to a close. Why must we persist in prayer? To consistently release the power He has already given us.

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