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Good News

A Gateway Series

Breaking news permeates our world. And in a world so seemingly filled with bad news, it can be easy to view the gospel through a negative lens. In his new series, Good News, Pastor Robert helps us understand the language surrounding the gospel message. He takes us through God’s Word and shows us that many negatively tinted key words of the gospel actually convey the good news and hope we have through Christ!



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Robert Morris
August 7, 2021

Pastor Robert begins his Good News series by reminding us that there is no more condemnation and no separation for those who are in Christ Jesus.


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Robert Morris
August 14, 2021

Pastor Robert continues his Good News series by sharing that repentance starts with a change of mind and allows God to work in our hearts. 


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August 21, 2021

Pastor Robert continues his Good News series by showing us how our beliefs and behaviors on earth determine where and how we spend eternity, but those who believe in Jesus have nothing at all to fear!  


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Robert Morris
August 28, 2021

Pastor Robert finishes the Good News series by showing us how we can have a balanced, scriptural view of death—from recognizing grief, sadness, and anger to celebrating God’s plan for eternal life for believers.

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