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First Conference 2022

A Gateway Series

We’re gathering for a time of powerful worship, hope-filled messages, and prayer at First Conference! We’ll hear from Dr. Dharius Daniels, Jonathan Evans, Rick Warren, and Charlotte Gambill. Let’s set aside time to be refreshed and encouraged as we step into a new year.

I See It Now

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Dharius Daniels
January 9, 2022

Dr. Dharius Daniels begins First Conference with his message encouraging us to see the hand of the Lord, even in the midst of difficulty.

Surviving Pharaoh

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January 10, 2022

On the second night of First Conference, Jonathan Evans encourages us to put our dreams and desires in God’s hands and watch as He fights for us, protects us, and restores us.

God’s Purposes for My Pain

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Rick Warren
January 11, 2022

During First Conference, Pastor Rick Warren encourages us that God wants to use even our most painful circumstances for His divine purposes. 

Make the Break

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Charlotte Gambill
January 12, 2022

Pastor Charlotte Gambill is concluding First Conference by reminding us that "breaking our jars of gratitude" opens the door for the Lord to move in our perspectives, marriages, relationships, and more!