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Face to Face: Divine Encounters

A Gateway Series

How we view God affects every area of our lives. It shapes how we feel about Him, how we talk about Him, and even how we talk to Him. But God is divine and we’re only human, so how do we discover who He is, how He acts, and what He’s like? In the 10-part series, Pastor Robert looks at real people whose lives were changed when they came face-to-face with Jesus. And as you get to know God better, your life will be transformed!

John's Story

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Robert Morris
February 23, 2013
2/23/13 – Robert Morris In the first message from the new series, Face to Face: Divine Encounters, Pastor Robert shows how John’s continuing revelations of who he was in Jesus led to him becoming known as the apostle of love.

Mary's Story

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Robert Morris
March 2, 2013
In the second message in the Face to Face: Divine Encounters series, Pastor Robert shares about what we can learn from Mary, the mother of Jesus.

The Samaritan Woman's Story

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Robert Morris
March 9, 2013
3/9/13 – Robert Morris In the third message in the Face to Face: Divine Encounters series, Pastor Robert uses the Samaritan woman’s encounter with Jesus at the well to show how we can share our faith in truth and love.

Matthew's Story

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Preston Morrison
March 16, 2013
3/16/13 – Preston Morrison In the fourth message in the Face to Face: Divine Encounters series, Pastor Preston Morrison shares about how Matthew met and began to follow Jesus.

The Lame Man's Story

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Robert Morris
March 23, 2013
3/23/13 – Robert Morris In the fifth message in the Face to Face: Divine Encounters series, Pastor Robert Morris shares from the story of the lame man’s encounter with Jesus about how we should set aside excuses as God empowers us to experience His healing...

Mary Magdalene's Story

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Robert Morris
March 29, 2013
3/29/13 – Robert Morris Pastor Robert continues the Face to Face: Divine Encounters series with an Easter message focused on Mary Magdalene’s story. In this message, Pastor Robert shows that Jesus has full dominion in the lives of believers, because He...

The Adulteress’ Story

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April 6, 2013
4/6/13 – Robert Morris In “The Adulteress’ Story,” Pastor Robert shares how Jesus’ interaction with the adulteress is compassionate and not condemning while still being uncompromising.

The Face of God in Crisis and Death

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Steve Riggle
April 13, 2013
4/13/13 – Steve Riggle Pastor Steve Riggle shares a powerful message about how he experienced God’s presence in the midst of a terrifying hostage situation and its aftermath.

My Jerusalem Encounter

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Geoffrey Cohen
April 20, 2013
In this message, Pastor Geoffrey Cohen shares his amazing testimony about encountering Jesus in Jerusalem. He also talks about our biblical mandate to bring the gospel to the Jews first.

Moses' Story

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Tim Ross
April 27, 2013
Pastor Tim Ross concludes the Face to Face series by sharing about an encounter Moses had with God and shows us how we can learn to experience Him further by acknowledging His miracles and sharing our testimonies.
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