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Essential Foundations

A Gateway Series

Foundations are important. We all know that houses built on sand don’t last through storms. In the Essential Foundations series, Pastor Jimmy Evans shares six elementary principles from Hebrews that create rock-solid, mature faith. And when we build our lives upon these spiritual foundations, we will not be shaken.

The Foundation of Trust

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Jimmy Evans
June 6, 2020

Pastor Jimmy shares how a foundation of trust in God is essential for rock-solid faith.

Real Relationships

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Jimmy Evans
June 13, 2020

Pastor Jimmy discusses how water baptism and the laying on of hands in prayer are necessary foundations for us to have a rock-solid faith.

Power Connection

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Jimmy Evans
June 20, 2020

Pastor Jimmy Evans shares how being baptized in the Holy Spirit strengthens our faith and empowers us in life.

Prepared for Eternity

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Jimmy Evans
June 27, 2020

Pastor Jimmy Evans helps us understand death, judgment, and eternity from a Christian perspective.

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