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Created To B

A Gateway Series

Do you know what you were created to be? Through this four-part series, Pastor Robert shares how we were created to continually be believing, belonging, becoming, and building.


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Robert Morris
February 18, 2012
In the first message of the Created To B series, Pastor Robert reveals the importance of living by faith. A daily process of believing God leads to a successful, abundant Christian life.


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Robert Morris
February 25, 2012
Because Jesus was rejected, you can be accepted and adopted into God’s family. Pastor Robert continues the Created To B series with a word on belonging to Him.


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March 3, 2012
We are born self-centered, but born again Christ-centered. In this message, Pastor Robert shows that by living a Christ-centered life, you can become like Jesus.


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Robert Morris
March 10, 2012
Pastor Robert finishes the Created To B series. God created us to be a dwelling place for Him and to build with Him. He wants us to give willingly to build His house.
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