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Women | The Overcomers | Katie Brown

Group Type: Women
Campus: JST
This group consists of women seeking to increase our knowledge of God, and learning to be overcomers in every day life.

We will begin Dr. Chuck Missler's Learn the Bible in 24 Hours on June 5th! 

Let's take a deep dive together into the foundational truth's of the Word of God. Chuck Missler's passion and knowledge make this study both fascinating and personal. We will watch one hour of Dr. Missler teaching on the Bible and then we will discuss what we learned as a group. We will learn how to take the knowledge and apply it to every day life. I have been a church-going Christian since I was a child, and there are still so many things I learn from this study every time I've done it!  

There are notes and study questions, I can send you the documents to print off yourself, or I am happy to print them for you and place them in a binder. If you have your own binder, the cost is $17, if you need me to provide a binder, the cost is $21. 

Childcare is not provided, but children are welcome. My own kids hang out in an adjoining room watching a movie and eating some snacks. We leave the door open to hear them.