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Married & Single Working Professionals | Phalanx Shield Faith Group | Mario Ojeda

Group Type: Adult (Married & Single)
Campus: SLK
This group's mission is to strengthen faith by witnessing and sharing testimonies so that we can navigate the challenges of the daily professional and/or corporate workplace, as well as provide support to keep ourselves, our homes, and families, whole.

From the Greek word, φάλαγξ, (fæ,lænks), meaning, “plank”; “battle plank”, “battle order”— The Phalanx Shield is generally credited as originating from Ancient Greece. It was a military formation in which one soldier positioned the shield to protect the fellow soldier to the left while being protected the same way by the one to the right, thus freeing their right arm to strike with the spear. In this formation, a troop of soldiers would repel attacks by the enemy and push forward in unison to advance in the battlefield. 

Join us on Saturdays from 10 am to 11 am as we gather and prepare our spiritual phalanx formation to face the work week challenges ahead and become stronger brothers and sisters in Christ.