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Married | Blended Kingdom Families | Kristin Holubek

Group Type: Married
Campus: NFW
Are you a blended family?
 Calling all married/blended families- you know it!  We rock!  Let's gather once a week in my home to share, learn, grow and fellowship.  We will be listening to BKF Podcasts, reading thru BKF Scenarios shared in Scot and Vanessa's Book Blended Kingdom Families, pray and learn together.  
6p-6:30 Fellowship (I know this is dinner time, so feel free to bring something with you to eat during the first 30 minutes; I'll have tea and water for all)
6:30-7:30 prayer, sharing and study/encouragement time

Lets get together and pour into each other. Blended Kingdom Life is hard - but our God is BIG!  Can't wait to meet you!