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Women | Wind Dancers: Worship with Flags | Scharlotte Celestine

Group Type: Women
Campus: NFW
Worship can get you through some of the hardest times in your life. Worship shifts your focus away from the situation you are facing and sets your heart (spiritual eyes) on things above where Jesus is sitting at the right hand of God and He is interceding for us. God is the problem solver, He is the perfect Father, and He has the answers for everything we need to persevere in this world. Worshiping with flags is for those who God places the desire on your heart to worship in this way. Follow God – Always! He is worthy of all our praise and worship!
This group will meet the 2nd Saturday of each month (once a month). We will meet at Gateway NFW in classroom E, which is “main overflow room” (there is limited space). We don’t have childcare so please make arrangements for them if you have children. I’ll be introducing you to an exciting and powerful way to worship God. I’m also releasing a book soon on Amazon that details the biblical principles of flags, color, movement, and partnering with the Holy Spirit in worship. I will be using this book as a study guide for learning flags. It will be available on Amazon “Wind Dancers: Worship with Flags”, by Scharlotte Celestine. This class will also require you to purchase your own set of flags to worship with, which cost between $25 and $150 dollars and up – depending on what you personally want to use.
I buy mine from “Catch the Fire Worship Flags”
Also, “Expressive Worship” by Nelda Stewart
Nelda does custom prophetic flags by request through her website. 
There are also some on Amazon, but make sure these come in pairs, not single flags.