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Men | Conquer Spring 2024 | Al Henry

Group Type: Men
Campus: NFW
Conquer series (10 weeks) is a battle plan for men to win freedom from sexual purity/bondage. 

In the Bible, David is the model of how a Godly man who falls victim to sexual bondage. 

When the prophet Samuel arrives to find the next King of Israel, Jesse refers to David as a 'hakkatan' = insignificant/worthless son who is out in the fields. David's father wound is not addressed. Despite being an amazing man of God, this wound drives David to sexual impurity.

The wound not addressed driving bad behavior is the story of many men. Addiction is the medication that soothes the wound that lingers. Unfortunately, the medication wears off and you still have the wound. Then the cycle begins again.

Learn how to identify your core wound and take the Godly steps many men are taking to break free and walk in sexual purity.