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Women | The Good & Beautiful God - Discipleship Program | Scharlotte Celestine

Group Type: Women
Campus: NFW
This group is designed for new believers or people that haven't had any discipleship and want to seek spiritual growth through discipleship. It will consist of teaching that affects spiritual growth through discipleship principles. 

This is a four semester commitment to spiritual growth, so Spring 24, Fall 24, Spring 25, and Fall 25. We will be covering the series by James Bryan Smith:
The Good and Beautiful God - Falling in Love With the God Jesus Knows
The Good and Beautiful You - Discovering The Person God Created You To Be
The Good and Beautiful Life - Putting on The Character of Christ
The Good and Beautiful Community - Following the Spirit, Extending Grace, and Demonstrating Love
Each book breaks down false beliefs and instills kingdom truths, there is Scripture study each week along with chapter questions and soul training exercises.