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Sewing | Samantha Risen

Group Type: Women
Campus: SLK
The vision of this group is to gather with sisters in Christ who love to create fashion items utilizing sewing machines and other fabrication methods. It is scheduled for two hours and we will start with greetings and prayers. The rest will be the creative time following the schedule. Bring your sewing machine and related tools to the first class. If you need help with purchase feel free to contact me.

Group Objectives
  • Practical : 
    • To empower women through the process of learning.
    • Revival of sewing skills for the next generations.
    • Supporting community through sustainability pillars.
    • Providing a sense of accomplishment and healing through the process of creation
  • Spiritual:
    • To heal women with encouraging word of God and prayers through sisterhood.
    • Be a good steward to God by using our gifts from God.
    • Glorify God by sharing your creation with loved ones.

  • Meeting Location: Risen's home studio in Southlake (The address will be sent via emails to the group members)
  • Invitation check-in is required via group notification emails 2-3 days before the meetings to reserve the spot
  • Biweekly meetings

Class Schedule
  • Prayers
  • Instructions for sewing techniques
  • Sharing fashion project ideas & vision
  • Learn a structured creating process
  • Creating a final project

No childcare will be provided.