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Married | Empty Nesters-Mix and Mingle | Tom and Mary

Group Type: Married
Campus: PRP
Want to meet and mingle with other Empty Nesters for fun and fellowship?  Then look no further!  Add your name to the list and you'll be contacted shortly.

In this fellowship group, the Group Leaders Tom and Mary Ranger will mix up participating Empty Nesters into smaller subgroups of 8-10 every 2 months for a fellowship event.  (It will be akin to Dinner of 8 but the get together does not necessarily have to be dinner.)

All of the subgroups will have identified host(s) who will work with the subgroup members to decide the specifics of when, where and what their get together will be (a meal, an event, etc.) within the 2 month timeframe.

Every 2 months the subgroups will rotate/change, the hosts will be different and the process of meeting to fellowship will begin again.  

The goal is to have Empty Nesters meet and fellowship, and hopefully strike up new friendships.