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Revealing the Kingdom Wife | Jacque Younger

Group Type: Women
Campus: SLK
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The next study is Fall 24. We will follow the SLK childcare schedule for Equip classes on Wednesday mornings. If you would like to put your name down for this 10 week study, email me:  I will email you directly closer to the time. 

About the Study:
God’s instructions to wives, scattered through the New Testament, directly align with a man’s top four needs. In fact, man is biologically and psychologically wired to respond to God’s job description for wives. 

In this 10-week study, we will connect the wife's instructions to man's design and explore answers to: What happened at The Fall?, What’s love got to do with it?, What’s the point of marriage?, What’s the point of a kingdom wife?, Why does my husband think that?, How am I supposed to love my husband? What does loving my husband look like day to day?

The study centers around an ‘inside-out’ approach, rather than an ‘outside-in’ one. Your heart and mind will encounter how to view your husband from God’s ‘kingdom’ perspective, cultivating an understanding that will bless you and your marriage. 

Each week’s reading is supported by several pre-reading questions and post-reading questions to help you process the teaching.

* This is a 10 week study which I host two times a year - Fall and Spring
* The study is good for individual study too. You can purchase it on amazon.
* A step-by-step leader guide is also available on amazon if you want to grab some friends and do it with them. (-: