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School Prayer Challenge | BISD

Group Type: Outreach
Campus: NRH
Did you know that the Birdville School District has over 23,000 students spread across 32 campuses? It's no secret that the enemy is after this next generation, and we need to stand up and fight for them.

How do we do it? It starts with PRAYER!

We have a goal to see every school in the Birdville School District covered in prayer every day. We want to pray for peace and protection over every school in our area.

What will we be praying for:

  1. Protection from Harmful Intent
  2. Protection from Calamity
  3. Protection from Injury
  4. Protection from Within
  5. Protection from Falsehood

We are partnering with the School Prayer Challenge to organize prayer for our local schools. (The School Prayer Challenge App was actually developed by one our our NRH members after a word from the Lord to organize prayer for schools.)

Here's how it works: