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Outreach | Our Calling | Janet Pandolph

Group Type: Outreach
Campus: DAL
Ten Thousand people experienced Homelessness in Dallas County in 2021. The solution starts with us. Over the course of a year, many people in Dallas County find themselves without a home. Whether as a result of mental illness, diminished opportunity, unfortunate life choices, or violence and trauma in their past. These individuals have lost hope, lost faith, and lost sight of their true path. We want everyone to choose the path of change.

Homelessness is a symptom of a deeper, broader problem. More than a sandwich and a blanket, the desperate and broken need hope and healing.

Our Calling’s vision is to help people discover the reasons for their condition and the emotional and material resources to live beyond their challenges.

Our Calling’s opportunities to serve are:

  • Assisting in Warehouse 
  • Assisting in the Kitchen
  • At the Woman’s Center-different duties
  • Checked in-Registration 
  • Assisting organizing resources 
  • Search and Rescue along with a Team

This group is dedicated to serving alongside Our Calling. Go to Our Calling's website to learn more about their mission and sign up to go through their volunteer orientation - this is mandatory before serving with our group.