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Women | Daughter's of A Great King "Kingdom Disciples by Tony Evans" | Norma Sauceda & Rosa Zavala

Group Type: Women
Campus: NFW
There is a missing force in Christianity today. Its absence has led to weak believers, disintegrating families, ineffective churches, and a decaying culture. Without it we lack what we need to fully live as heaven’s representatives on earth.

That missing force is discipleship. The result is powerless Christians attending powerless churches, having a powerless presence in the world. The power, authority, abundance, victory, and impact God has promised will come about only when we understand and align ourselves with His definition of discipleship.

Through this Bible study, participants will learn:
● What a disciple is
● What a disciple cares about
● How to be a disciple and make disciples
● What discipleship looks like in community with other believers
● What the impact of discipleship on the world can be

Kingdom Disciples calls believers and churches back to our primary, divinely ordained responsibility to be disciples and to make disciples. Only when we take this assignment seriously will the world see heaven at work on earth.