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Men | Husbands, Father's, Men Morning Bible Study | Conrad Castillo

Group Type: Men
Campus: DAL
Do you love the idea of a men's group but your so busy at home, with the kids or at work and there never seems to be enough time?  You would love to grow deeper in your relationship with the Lord, in studying God's word but work keeps you busy, you got to run the kids to school, or there is just a ton going on at home right now?  

What if connecting with other men, growing in your relationship with God only took 1 hour, once a week?  What if going deeper in God's word with a group of men could be done even before anyone else in your house woke up, before your boss sent his first email to you and could be done in such a way that it could perfectly fit around your busy schedule?

If this sounds appealing to you then join us Tuesday morning at 6am, as we connect virtually over google.meets and dive into the word of God using the Promise Principle method of bible study.  

There is no preparation needed, no studying ahead of time, just show up and allow God to speak in you and through you with His word.

We meet the first three Tuesday's of the month at 6am virtually
The last week of every month we get together in person to break bread at a  time/location in the metroplex that works for the group.