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The Amazing Collection | Brittany Frey

Group Type: Women
Campus: SLK
Please join me for The Amazing Collection, Genesis-Revelation!

*The Amazing Collection is the Bible Book by Book study that takes you on a unique journey through the Bible, pointing to Jesus from Genesis through Revelation. You’ll see that everything since time began has been moving toward eternity, when God and His people will dwell together forever, because of Christ. Whether you are studying God’s Word for the first time or the fiftieth, The Amazing Collection helps you discover fresh beauty and truth on every page. Knowing the Author of the one book that can change your life is more than a possibility – it’s a promise for those who seek Him. And you’ll find Him in The Amazing Collection.

*The Amazing Collection contains eleven workbooks and 66 free teaching videos. Each workbook covers 4-11 books of the Bible and are grouped into eleven sections: The Pentateuch, Kingdom Books, Post-Exilic Books, Poetical Books, Major Prophets, Early Minor Prophets, Later Minor Prophets, New Testament Historical Books, Paul’s Letters to the Churches, Paul’s Letters to Pastors, and Other Letters and Revelation

*This study (and our group) schedule follows the school year calendar. 

Grace & Peace,