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You Are Here

A Gateway Series

In this series, Pastor Robert talks about the four different levels we encounter on our journey as Christians—fellowship, relationship, discipleship, and lordship. He also shows us the pitfalls we face in each season and gives us practical, biblical steps to move forward.


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March 8, 2014
Pastor Robert delivers a message about how we grow in fellowship with the Lord and warns us about tactics the enemy uses to halt this process.


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March 15, 2014
Pastor Robert delivers a message about the importance of getting God’s Word into our hearts to deepen our relationship with Him.


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March 22, 2014
Pastor Robert delivers a powerful message about the three ways Satan tries to steal God's Word from us.


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April 12, 2014
Pastor Robert concludes the You Are Here series with an insightful message that shows us God’s lordship in our lives is a matter of our hearts.
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